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KODAK NEXPRESS SX Platform enables significant gains in image quality, productivity and growth.  Featuring a new 39.37"/1000 mm (1 meter) long sheet option, HD Dry Inks and a Matte Finish Option.


Print Rate - A4/Letter


Duty cycle


Standard Feeder - 7200 sph (120 ppm)

Optional Feeder - 7854 sph (131 ppm)

5-color print engine,

60-350 g/m2



Standard Feeder - 6000 sph (100 ppm)

Optional Feeder - 6545 sph (109 ppm)

5-color print engine,

60-350 g/m2


 Energize your business today 

The KODAK NEXPRESS SX Digital Production Color Platform can help you drive more jobs per shift and more profit per page, by consistently and reliably producing market-leading image quality from job to job and day to day.

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  • Featuring System 15.2 with three new print mode options:
    1. Ink Optimization offers the ability to control and match output from press to press or over time on the same press with the ability to reduce CMYK ink consumption.
    2. Economy Mode offers the ability to print pleasing 4 color with 10%+ less ink.
    3. Smart RGB – smoothes skin tones while keeping detail in RGB photos.
  • The latest Fifth Imaging Unit solutions is now available, Gold Dry Ink to add sparkle to your printed page.
  • Long sheet option up to 39.37"/1000 mm —you’ll be able to print 6-page brochures or 8-page A4/letters.  Also with expanded feeder (roll and sheet) and in-line finishing modules to complete jobs in fewer steps with maximum productivity and minimum waste.
  • Newly reformulated KODAK NEXPRESS HD Dry Inks and Developers provide vibrant colors and consistent spot color matching, smooth flat fields and gradients, and the unique ability to match the ink laydown gloss level to the substrate being printed. You can realize consistent, high image quality with reduced print waste, optimizing running costs.
  • Matte Finish Option – allows you to expand your array of finishes ranging from matte to satin to high gloss.  Enabling the matte finish is a simple, fifteen-minute component change.  The result is a rich aesthetic effect that rivals offset.  
  • Light Black introduced as the newest addition to our award-winning 5th imaging unit solutions – yielding smoother skin tones while maintaining superb detail ideal for B&W images, pastels, producing smooth tones, while improving highlight and shadow details.   
  • The NEXPRESS SX Platform features Print Genius, a suite of quality control tools and options that help you manage and maintain peak quality throughout your production run.  The Print Genius quality suite encompasses hardware, software and materials science innovations to optimize quality and consistency from the first sheet to the last, day after day. 
  • Closed-loop calibration:  Five minutes is all it takes to analyze output and feed critical data back to the system for closed loop color calibration, helping you optimize quality with minimal downtime.  The unique KODAK NEXPRESS Intelligent Calibration System (ICS) automates the process of checking and maintaining print uniformity.

The KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Platform offers a range of performance in speeds and sheet size, the entire platform delivers:

  • Photographic Image Quality  
  •  Benchmark Productivity
    • KODAK NEXPRESS Front End System, the first front end in the market with Adobe PDF print engine for higher productivity and seamless integration.
    • High capacity feeders and delivery units, inline solutions and finishing modules for even greater uninterrupted printing. 
    • Award winning technology that runs at rated speed for more than 800 substrates at 4 and 5 colors.
    • KODAK Substrate Qualification Program –  CLICK HERE for more information  
  • High Value Applications  
  • Flexibility
    • Modular upgradeable solutions – Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, In-line Finishing and Feeding Accessories
    • SX Upgrade path for KODAK NEXPRESS SE, S Class Digital Production Color Presses
  • Environmental Advantages
    • Supports wide range of FSC papers
    • NEXPRESS Dry Inks do not contain VOC’s
    • INGEDE certificate of deinkability
    • EN71.3 Toy Safety approval
    • Recyclable packaging, consumables, press
    • Environmentally responsible design
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