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  • CEO Jeff Clarke introduces new inkjet solutions


    Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke introduces the fastest full-color inkjet presses in the industry, the KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses. Available in two models and optimized for both commercial print and publishing applications, PROSPER 6000 Presses set new industry standards for unrivaled quality, peerless productivity and compelling economics.

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    Introducing the next generation of printing

    Prosper Press 6000

    The PROSPER 6000 Presses are the latest addition to the game-changing PROSPER Technology Platform and are the fastest full-color inkjet presses in the industry. Available in two models optimized for both commercial and publishing applications, PROSPER 6000 Presses set new industry standards for quality and productivity at a very low cost per page.

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    Publishers Weekly Digital Book Publishing and Printing Update

    Prosper Press 1

    This Publishers Weekly special edition focuses on how you can better compete in today’s book publishing environment, like dealing with two conflicting trends, the number of individual titles produced continues to rise while the number of print units sold continues to fall.

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    French Printer SAGIM Employs Digital Book Printing Solution From Kodak

    Prosper Press 3

    Book production specialist Sagim has increased its orders by 20 percent and stretched profit margins on short runs, following its investment in the KODAK PROSPER 1000 Press. The KODAK PROSPER Press has enabled the company to be more competitive and meet increasingly shorter turnaround times.  Video is in French with English subtitles.

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    Toppan Forms - Digital Printing Growth with Kodak Prosper Press

    Prosper Press 4

    Toppan Forms excels in providing individual information conveying unique messages through the combination of data print services, Business forms, and e-business services. They are now relying on 3 PROSPER Presses to support their digital growth needs.

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    Substrates and Inkjet: The Move toward Higher Quality Output

    Prosper Press 6

    In this white paper, the second in a two-part series written by Jim Hamilton, InfoTrends, looks at these factors and how end users can leverage tools, such as Kodak’s PROSPER Paper Rating System, to make informed substrate decisions based on the requirements of their print applications.

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PROSPER Press Solutions

PROSPER Press Solutions

Offset class quality, productivity and cost delivers digital without compromise.

Inkjet Digital Inks

Inkjet Digital Inks

Not all inks are created equal. Whether your system is drop on demand, continuous inkjet or enabled by KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology, KODAK has a wide selection of inks that are engineered to suit a wide variety of printing applications.
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