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Do more with direct engraving

The KODAK FLEXCEL Direct System offers a brand new approach to direct engraving of elastomers for flexographic printing. Historically, direct laser engraving systems have offered very limited throughput capability, and have been primarily used for applications that require low- to mid-level print quality. The FLEXCEL Direct System changes the game for direct laser engraving by providing a cost-effective system that can open doors for our customers. It offers a complete solution that includes imaging, media and software—all optimized to work together in a simple, two-step process that boosts operational efficiency and print quality. This is a win-win for flexo prepress service providers and printer/converters, who are constantly looking for ways to enhance productivity while increasing shelf impact for their brand owner customers. The FLEXCEL Direct System delivers on all fronts, driving a distinct competitive advantage for our customers:

  • Unique laser imaging technology using laser diodes for fast, accurate engraving
  • Affordable production of high-quality continuous sleeves
  • Print quality of photopolymer with the convenience of elastomer
  • Produce flat plates and continuous in-the-round image carriers

Optimized media for faster engraving, long run lengths

Highly-engineered KODAK FLEXCEL Direct Media has been reported to increase engraving productivity by up to 20%—in a chemical-free process—helping improve media capacity and prepress throughput. At the same time, unique surface characteristics promote excellent ink transfer and ink density, helping maximize image quality. This innovative media is available in a variety of formats.

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