TRENDSETTER Q1600 Platesetter

Designed with affordability in mind, the KODAK TRENDSETTER Q1600 Platesetter delivers high-quality thermal imaging and reliability for competitive large-format printing.

 Affordable Productivity & Reliability

  • Throughput of up to 15 plates per hour lets you get to press quickly
  • Semi-automatic plate loading and unloading for more efficient plate making
  • Based on same reliable technology that have made KODAK TRENDSETTER Platesetters popular worldwide for over 15 years


  • KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology is standard on TRENDSETTER Q1600 Platesetters, providing accurate, stable, repeatable imaging for fewer plate remakes, fewer adjustments in prepress, and exceptional print quality. SQUARESPOT Technology provides 10,000 dpi optical resolution, thermal compensation, dynamic autofocus, and geometric compensation to allow you to differentiate your business through efficiency, quality and reliability.

Excellent Image Quality

  • TRENDSETTER Q1600 Platesetters enable 450 lpi screening. Optional 20- or 25-micron KODAK STACCATO Screening creates photorealistic images for differentiation against the competition.

Complete Solution

  • Kodak is the only supplier that owns the technology for the platesetter, plates, and workflow, providing you with an integrated, complete solution.
  • Connectivity to KODAK Workflow Systems, including KODAK PRINERGY Workflow
  • Optimal performance with KODAK Thermal Plates  

Supports Your Sustainability Goals



Trendsetter Q1600 Platesetter Brochure
TRENDSETTER Q1600 Platesetter

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Trendsetter Q1600 Platesetter demo
TRENDSETTER Q1600 Platesetter Demo

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