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Consistent color throughout your workflow, with less effort

COLORFLOW Software is an intelligent color solution for integrating the many elements and devices in a typical print production environment, and managing the complex color relationships between them. This helps ensure that all color control elements—curves, ICC profiles and spot color recipes—are used together correctly.

Used in conjunction with PRINERGY Solutions, COLORFLOW Software can fully store and automate precision color adjustments, align curves and profiles, and deliver throughput accuracy to further boost production efficiencies, reduce manual tasks and operator errors, and exceed customer expectations.  

COLORFLOW Software can help:  

  • Minimize inefficiencies, labor costs and color errors when managing color variances between multiple devices
  • Ensure color consistency and accuracy throughout your workflow
  • Decrease ink consumption
  • Lock in color accuracy with instant previews while editing curves and profiles 
  • Strengthen production efficiencies and speed turnaround times

Ink Optimizing Solution Saves Ink, Reduces Costs

The KODAK Ink Optimizing Solution is an option for COLORFLOW Pro Software. It applies sophisticated color-conversion intelligence to convert color blends and reduce the amount of CMY ink used without affecting the appearance of color images or the sharpness of text or line art. Ink savings vary depending on the amount of color, and the color blends in a job, but savings of up to 30% are common. COLORFLOW Software with Ink Optimizing Solution participated in the 2010 IPA + IDEAlliance Ink Optimization RoundUP, achieving the best overall ink savings in the test.

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