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Adding informational content to bills and statements helps your customer understand how you serve their needs and begins the use of the bill or statement as part of the customer communication chain. Market trends, consumer trends, even fashion trends or health trends, can be updated each month to keep the customer informed.

Kodak can help you identify the type of information content that will help build a closer relationship with your customers, and help you identify the best ways to present it and keep it fresh. Turning the monthly bill or statement into a source of information enhances customer retention and demonstrates customer care while optimizing the communication channel. TransInfo can stand alone or it can be part of a set of transitions in customer communication style that incorporates educational and promotional (TransPromo) content.

Kodak’s solutions for data-driven transaction printing deliver:

  • Connectivity: Achieve better automation and integration into your existing processes with KODAK Unified Workflow
  • Flexibility: Offer your customers paths to variable color, content, and formatting
  • High Impact Color: Add appropriate and dynamic color to all customer communication
  • Quality: Upgrade image quality and information design to provide a better experience for the recipient
  • Scaleability: Meet the needs of today and tomorrow with modular KODAK Digital Solutions built on open architecture


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